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Schelers anthropologisches Denken und die frühe Rezeption in Spanien

Ferran, Íngrid Vendrell

Phänomenologische Forschungen, Bd. 2009 (2009), Iss. 0: S. 175–201

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Ferran, Íngrid Vendrell


This essay examines the early reception of Scheler’s anthropological thought in Spain. The article traces the two main ways of reception of Scheler’s work in the School of Madrid and the School of Barcelona. I argue that, on the one hand, the Spanish translations of the works of the early phenomenologists – Scheler was a central figure among them – contributed to the diffusion of Scheler’s thought; and that, on the other hand, the Spanish authors subjected Scheler’s thought to a critical assimilation and further developments. Scheler influenced the Spanish philosophy of the human affectivity, in which the capacity to feel, the values and love as a kernel of the human being occupy an exceptional position. This reception shows the originality of Spanish authors that incorporate Scheler’s ideas to their anthropological interest and develop these ideas in the direction of their own phenomenological anthropology.


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Íngrid Vendrell Ferran: Schelers anthropologisches Denken und die frühe Rezeption in Spanien 1