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Emotionale und affektive Phänomene im Werk Hannah Arendts und ihre Relevanz für das Politische

Hecker, Héla

Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie, Bd. 2019 (2019), Iss. 2: S. 10–34

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Hecker, Héla


The Political in Hannah Arendt’s view is a realm of relationships, a certain connection between people and the world, as well as between individuals and their peers. In my paper, I explore how emotional phenomena can be meaningfully inserted into the political space: How do affects shape this specific web of human relation- ships? When do they become destructive? How can they provide worldly inspiration for the establishment of a political value system? By analyzing Hannah Arendt’s implicit affect theory, I argue that human affectability has a prominent role in her thinking. To illuminate linkages between affects and the Political, I high- light six main characteristics inherent to the latter. I further demonstrate how we can integrate emotional phenomena into the Political in the Arendtian sense by protecting both human affectability and the political realm itself.