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Die Sprache, die Politik, das Netz

Wider das wohlfeile Kulturverfallsgeschwätz

Sommer, Andreas Urs

Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie, Bd. 2020 (2020), Iss. 1: S. 27–37

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Sommer, Andreas Urs


The universally lamented unleashing of language is a symptom. But not a symp- tom of an indeed alarming political development or even of a general cultural de- cay. Instead, it is a symptom of political maturation: everyone is allowed to speak for oneself nowadays. Piercing and brutal become those speakers, who do not feel heard and consider themselves impotent. If one is supposed to remedy this process, one must concede power of language to everyone as well as a power to efficiently act upon the world.