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Das Verhältnis von Genese und Geltung in den Life Sciences 

List, Elisabeth

Zeitschrift für Kulturphilosophie, Bd. 2014 (2014), Iss. 1: S. 71–84

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List, Elisabeth


Traditionally, philosophy of science tends to seperate contexts of discovery from those of justification. With regard to modern sciences, however, this distinction proves to be inapt. Modern disciplines of chemistry or of psychology, especially in contemporary life sciences, seem to show that experimental procedures as well as the collection of data form an integral part of a research process which is always al-ready subject to different implicit economical and social biases or premises. In these scientific fields, research remains inseparably intertwined with the presuppositions of its social contexts of genesis. Theses contexts entail both the representation as well as the creation of their very objects of research.