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Offene Objekte, Offene Subjekte?

Körper und Dinge im Geflecht von Anhänglichkeit, Zuneigung und Verbundenheit 

Hennion, Antoine

Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Bd. 2 (2011), Iss. 1: S. 94–110

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Hennion, Antoine


»Attachments« do not belong to the vocabulary of action. Incommensurable and situational, they are at once constraining and indeterminate, deployed in bonds that all do something, but among which none is independent for itself. Instead of distinguishing clearly between dependent and determining things, the paper passes to a less trenchant but infinitely more productive approach to distributed action, conceived as a (make [someone] do [something]) disseminated in networks. The essential, then, is not to liberate oneself from the attachments, but to sort the good ones from the bad, by leaning not on grand overarching principles but on the immanent justice in things. But how can we judge the quality of an »attachment«? Drawing on cases of sportsmen, drug addicts, and music lovers, this contribution aims to clarify what an »attached« morality could look like, a morality which would be made of the fabric of uncircumventable ties.