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Kulturtechniken und Souveränität 

Vismann, Cornelia

Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kulturforschung, Bd. 1 (2010), Iss. 1: S. 171–181

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Vismann, Cornelia


The text mirrors a theory of cultural technology, which takes culture at its word and the technology of (cultural?) cultivation reclaims the word 'colore'. Cultural technology always asserts a predilection to symbolic order, but it not only institutes symbolic order, but contradicts it as well. After all, the conductors and media of cultural technology dare to put into question the presumption of a sovereign subject which is the master of the constituative processes for culture. Rectitude is challenged to respond to this break-down of the classic sovereign teachings of symbolic order and allow the conductors and media a position other than that of only a means to a legitimately sanctioned end.