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Zwischen „Verwurzelung“ und „Bodenlosigkeit“. Gedanken zu einer Philosophie der Migration

Kurbacher, Frauke A.

Kulturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift, Bd. 2018 (2018), Iss. 1: S. 22–35

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Kurbacher, Frauke A.


In reflecting and discussing philosophical approaches on migration (almost Flusser, but also Weil, Arendt, Kant and Waldenfels) – migration could be understood (not as an extraordinary case, but) as a ‘conditio humana’ and touches the limits and possibilities of human beings. As existential experience it is in between ‘rootedness’ and ‘groundlessness’ and has therefore also a critical potential for our views of the world and our standpoints and could enlighten them as a new form of cosmopolitanism.