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Eine Kritik der geschichts- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Gedächtnisforschung

am Beispiel der Vergangenheitswahrnehmung bei Dudo von Saint-Quentin und Saxo Grammaticus

Kleinschmidt, Harald

Kulturwissenschaftliche Zeitschrift, Bd. 2023 (2023), Iss. 1: S. 76–120

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Kleinschmidt, Harald


The article scrutinises the transformation of perceptions of the past in the time span between the late tenth and the late twelfth century. In doing so, it takes issue with the argument that much of medieval historiography was based upon imperfect knowledge of the past and, as a consequence, must be subjected to severe criticismof the facticity of the information it provides. Dudo of St Quentin’s and Saxo’s narratives of the Norman and the Danish pasts are examined for evidence to the effect that medieval historiography allows access to perceptions of the past as related to the groups in its focus. Both texts also reveal changes of patterns of transmitting perceptions about the past from grouprelated property to freely circulating knowledge.