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Begriff und Polysemie

Jean Starobinskis Metamorphosen der Begriffsgeschichte

Teichert, Dieter

Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte, Bd. 62 (2020), Iss. 0: S. 62–89

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Teichert, Dieter


In his book Action et Réaction (1999), Jean Starobinski examines the history of a pairof concepts that seems at first peripheral, initially implemented in the natural sciences by Newtonianphysics in particular. Starting with Newton, however, the dyad ›action and reaction‹ migratedinto multiple fields of discourse (biology, medicine, psychology, literature, politics). Founded methodologicallyon the conception of polysemy introduced by the French linguist Michel Bréal, Starobinksi’sdistinctive version of conceptual history provides precise reconstructions of the varioustheoretical and practical constellations into which ›action‹ and ›reaction‹ have entered. Thus, as thisarticle argues, the history of concepts is grasped and explained not as a teleological sequence ofdistinct conceptual variants but rather as a multi-faceted process of polysemisation.


Section Title Page Action Price
Dieter Teichert: Begriff und Polysemie. Jean Starobinskis Metamorphosen der Begriffsgeschichte 61
I. Begriffsgeschichte, paarweise: ›Aktion‹ und ›Reaktion‹ 61
II. Newton und die Folgen 68
III. Interludium 74
IV. Die Reaktion der Literaten 76
V. Reaktion und Fortschritt 79
VI. Ich/Geist = Reaktion 82