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Gesellschaft‹ contra Staat

Über einen frühsozialistischen und frühanarchistischen Schlüsselbegriff

Olaf, Briese

Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte, Bd. 60-61 (2020), Iss. 0: S. 273–299

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Olaf, Briese


This essay investigates the history of the concept of ›society‹ in the mid-19th century discourses of early socialism and anarchism in German-speakingcountries. It shows that in these writings the term ›society‹ had positive connotations, in contrast to its more negative associations in Hegelian philosophy. As a term and slogan, ›society‹ evoked a future freedom and functioned as an polemic alterative to the concept of the ›state‹.


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›Gesellschaft‹ contra Staat – Über einen frühsozialistischen und frühanarchistischenSchlüsselbegriff. Von Olaf Briese 273