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Zwischen radikalem Aristotelismus und lutherischer Orthodoxie

Die These der ›doppelten Wahrheit‹ in der Altdorfer Schule

Tommasi, Francesco Valerio

Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte, Bd. 55 (2014), Iss. 0: S. 62–75

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Tommasi, Francesco Valerio


This essay focuses on the thesis of the so-called »double truth« within the philosophical and theological milieu of the University of Altdorf during the XVIIthCentury. The problem of the »double truth« that aroused in the scholastic discussions on Averroism, receives a particular form in the context of Altdorf. Infact, this unique discursive setting was inspired there by the two main tendencies that characterize that philosophical and theological milieu at that time,namely radical Paduan Aristotelism, and Lutheran orthodoxy. Only apparently opposed, these two positions converge on that point. And the synthesis of thesetwo currents of thought gives rise to an interesting justifi cation of the paradox of the confl ict »between true and true«: the development of a theory of differentfields and levels of truth.


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Francesco Valerio Tommasi: Zwischen radikalem Aristotelismus und lutherischer Orthodoxie 61