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Narrative Fähigkeiten von Kindern mit Deutsch als Zweitsprache

Müller, Anja

Linguistische Berichte (LB), Bd. 2021 (2021), Iss. 266: S. 77–122

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Müller, Anja


This study explores the narrative production ability of seven non-native German speaking children between the ages of 8 and 10. All children were attending a remedial course in German at their primary school during the period of investigation. The children were presented with a storytelling task based on a picture book and were asked to re-tell the story in their L2 German. Some of the children additionally told the story in their L1. The results indicate that: (a) features of macrostructure do not differ between the narratives of the L2-children and monolingual German children as reported by former studies and (b) no differences were found between the macrostructure of the narratives in L1 and L2.