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Konzepte des unwahrhaftigen Implikatierens – Realistisches Lügenkonzept und die Verpflichtung auf die Wahrheit konversationeller Implikaturen

Meibauer, Jörg

Linguistische Berichte (LB), Bd. 2022 (2022), Iss. 272: S. 5–39

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Meibauer, Jörg


A realistic concept of lying is one that comprises the levels of semantics and pragmatics, and, within pragmatics, speech act theory and implicature theory. Moreover, it focuses on communicated meaning as understood by an average discourse participant. This paper discusses whether lying is regarded by the folk as not only insincerely asserting a false-believed content but also untruthfully implicating a content. Since this is a matter of dispute, recent experimental results on this question are discussed. It turns out that the speaker’s commitment to a content is what ultimately matters when judgments about deceptive acts are made.