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Determinative, Individual- und Massennomen im Spracherwerb des Deutschen: Diskussion des Nominal Mapping Parameters 

Kupisch, Tanja

Linguistische Berichte (LB), Bd. 2008 (2008), Iss. 214: S. 3–34

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Kupisch, Tanja


The Nominal Mapping Parameter gave rise to an acquisition model which makes clear and falsifiable statements about the acquisition of articles in German. It claims that children acquiring a Germanic language omit articles for a longer period of time than children acquiring a Romance language, as they have to decide for each noun separately whether it is count or mass. Thus, article drop in the acquisition of Germanic languages is considered to be a lexical learning problem. This study presents a critical discussion of this model on the basis of data from ten children acquiring German. Although these children pass through a protracted period of article omissions, omissions are unrelated to the count/mass distinction.