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Buchstabenformen und ihre Relevanz für eine Schriftgrammatik. Erwiderung auf einige Thesen von Oliver Rezec 

Fuhrhop, Nanna | Buchmann, Franziska

Linguistische Berichte (LB), Bd. 2011 (2011), Iss. 225: S. 76–87

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Fuhrhop, Nanna

Buchmann, Franziska

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Our paper states our position on Rezec (2010). In his paper, he tries to deconstruct Primus' letter analysis (Primus 2004), portraying it as implausible on the whole. In Primus (2004), the author describes the form of lowercase letters and begins to establish a system that relates the letters' graphic features to the corresponding sounds' phonological features. In this paper, we fiercly reject Rezec's theses and give reasons why we agree with Primus' approach. We argue on the basis of the graphematic syllable and the length hierarchy, both presented in Fuhrhop/Buchmann (2009). Compared to Primus' system, we only had to make one major change (the implementation of skewness) in order to answer a question completely different from the one posed by Primus. We clearly regard this as a strength of Primus' system.