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Endangered Languages

Herausgeber: Simpson, Andrew | Austin, Peter

Linguistische Berichte, Sonderhefte, Bd. 14


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Peter K. Austin / Andrew Simpson: Introduction; Nicholas Evans: Warramurrungunji undone: Australian languages in the 51st Millenium; Knut J. Olawsky: Obvious OVS in Urarina syntax; Larry M. Hyman / Imelda Udoh: Length harmony in Leggbó: a counter-universal?; Nora England: The influence of Mayan-speaking linguists on the state of Mayan linguistics; Pamela Munro: Oblique subjects in Garifuna; Marina Chumakina / Anna Kibort / Greville G. Corbett: Determining a Language's feature inventory: person in Archi; Friederike Lüpke: Vanishing voice – the morphologically zero-coded passive of Jalonke; Anju Saxena: The ergative in Kinnauri narratives; John Hajek: Sound systems of the Asia-Pacific: some basic typological observations; Martina Faller: The Cusco Quechua Reportative evidential and rhetorical relations; Emmon Bach: Deixis in Northern Wakashan: recovering lost forms; Roberto Zavala: Inversion and obviation in Mesoamerica